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Children, Teens,
Young Adults

We help children of all ages and their families with facing numerous challenges,

including, but not limited to, the following:



Autism Spectrum Disorder

Eating Disorders

Executive Function Struggles
Family Transitions (Divorce, Blended Families)

Grief & Loss

Gender Identity
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder & Rumination
School Avoidance and Refusal
Social Skills and Peer – Related Concerns


Peaceful Parenting Program

Parents are inundated with so much information about the "right ways" to parent. Between the endless books, podcasts, and online articles available, parents can begin to feel uncertainty about their parenting approaches. Parents may not know where to even start in order to parent with intention to raise healthy, independent kids.


Our practice is offering a peaceful parenting program to parents of children of all ages. The program lasts 8-13 weeks depending on your unique needs. Parents will complete the program with ways to proactively respond to their child's specific behavioral needs and gain an understanding of their own parenting styles. They will leave with concrete skills and tools to instill their own family values.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Rachel Sorensen, LMFT. 

Parent Strategy 

     Parenting can be difficult and presents enormous and unexpected challenges. The expectations placed upon kids and parents are increasingly high and ever-changing, and parents do not have a roadmap to navigate this job with confidence. As a parent, you deserve individualized support so you can enjoy parenting at each age and stage.  Our practice will work with you to create an individualized parenting plan built upon your own unique family values and goals. Based on this collaboration, there are concrete skills & techniques that can assist your family to operate more peacefully and with confidence.


Areas of focus may be: 

Addressing separation anxiety

Creating behavioral plans 

Developing independent sleep routines

Developing co-parenting plans (separation, divorce, blended families)

Guiding family transitions

Improving communication and decreasing conflict

Navigating IEP/504 plan accommodations and school interventions

Providing psychoeducation about child development and diagnoses

Referring to the appropriate professionals for additional assessment or testing if necessary
Setting limits and boundaries 
Understanding age appropriate expectations


 We provide workshops and consultation to schools and organizations.

Contact us to discuss how our areas of expertise can support your organization’s goals and curriculum to meet your needs. 

Children, Teens, & Young Adults
Parent Strategy  & Support
Consultations & Workshops
Peaceful Parenting Program
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