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About Peggy

I work with a variety of ages and stages, from children to young adults. Cultivating self-confidence and resilience in individuals and their families is key to creating positive change in their lives.  My goal is to assist children and families in understanding how mental health impacts their quality of life, and to provide them with the tools to make beneficial changes.


I have a unique ability to form relationships with children and families.  I provide a calm, nurturing and reassuring presence that allows others to increase their ability to handle stressors and develop strategies for resilience.  Showing families how to strengthen their communication and relational skills is an essential piece of my work. Living in this time of uncertainty is  challenging and can be overwhelming for all of us. Engaging in therapeutic work helps children and parents become better equipped to face these challenges with confidence!

I offer parents proven parenting strategies for all ages, from newborns to young adults. I have experience in working with families facing a variety of challenges including illness, grief; separation, divorce and  blended families, and issues regarding sexuality, bullying, school resistance and more. I collaborate with families to create stronger bonds and more effective patterns of coping.  I assist parents in recognizing familial patterns that they may have been overlooking. Parenting is rewarding and it can also be incredibly challenging. As a parent of four myself, I understand first hand how overwhelming it can be!

During my clinical  experience, I have worked with families facing emotional or behavioral difficulties, developmental delays, varying degrees of trauma, physical or sexual abuse, and other mental health disorders. For over 20 years, I have worked with families and individuals of all ages through community agencies, school settings and private practice. These experiences continue to inform my work and  assist me in providing quality care to all families. I am committed to providing an environment where all families and children can  reach optimal social and emotional growth. I hold a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Loyola University in Chicago, am licensed by the State of Illinois, and participate regularly in continuing education  in my field.

I look forward to connecting with you. 

Peggy Schiller, LCSW
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